Monday, June 27, 2016

Barking at wrong tree.

Mufti Abdul Qawi Shb got suspended from the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, as well as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf after being with Qandeel Baloch, in her latest controversial selfie and video in the holy month of Ramadan.

Poor him.

However, as I see, there was nothing special in that video. It was just Mufti and Qandeel talking about PTI's Chairperson Imran Khan in his hotel room.  He promised to arrange a meet up fir her with IK in Bani Gala. She managed to get his cap and took selfies.

Legend is that they came into his hotel room after meeting in the hotel's lobby as scheduled, because she didn't want to meet in lobby. That open public area is not suitable place for such self proclaimed famous and popular celebrity, said Ms. Baloch, while talking to Mubashir Laquman in his show Khara Sach on 24 news just after the released of that video.

In that show, Mufti Shb, said he just met her because they belong to same city, Multan. It is love of hometown. She alleged that he is hypocrite and lying. It was he who had been approaching her for so long that is why she finally decided to meet him.

This as an attempt by her to unveil the so called Mufti and his hypocrisy. According to her everyone is tharki, therefore exposing the real face of the religious people and especially him in front of the whole world is necessary.

I couldn't stop laughing at the innocence of her and Mufti Shb.

Only God has knows what  happened before and after that recorded video. Neither I m interested. So, talking about both of them is cheap and judgmental.

She uploaded the selfies and video on her Facebook's page.  It was a good try by QB to make some waves. People gave lakh lanat to him (and her as well.) He got suspended later. That's it.

Let's talk about her only.

Her vids make quite some noise for few minutes, whether it was her vow  to strip if Pakistan wins cricket match against India, trailer in bikni, in seductive lip sync on oldies while lying down in bed or the darling Modi one.

People get excited like they have never seen strip before on cyber world, or in real life.  They have been sharing it on their social networking sites.

There are some other good for laugh videos in her page.

I personally like her efforts and hard work, to get work, to be famous, to have audience. Every entertainer wants this. But there is something not clicking even when she is so ready to expose and explode, this tall and presentable,  bold and beautiful, typical  *****  face woman trying to look cute.

(Noooo!! That ******it is no cruse words, you fools !)

Social Media helped her a lot to gain some audience, however it is still not enough for her. They are uploaded on her Facebook page, that is why they remain there in her page that is why their  impact is not that much.

All she need is a proper show or film and right audience otherwise, she will end up being on her page with confused desis.

No matter how much she gets on your nerves, how much you curse her or pray for her, she didn't invite any of you to look at her.  There are so much in cyber world from how to warp hijab to porn. It is her personal page. She can upload anything she wants.

You are the one who has been viewing each and every video of her.

Only problem is that she is barking at wrong tree.

Public is not ready to see such type of entertainment. Being sexy, bold and honest don't sell here. They like  good religious and chaste entertainers who don't spread vulgarity in society.

Like other wise showbiz women, she should also change her whole  game. Why not doing Ramadan or some domestic cum  9'o clock walay wedding morning shows? People will LOVE her.

 May Big Boss 10, where she claims she is going, help her to show her talent.

All the best, Babe !!

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