Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Homage to Amjad Sabri.

The country is still mourning the loss of  their beloved Sufi Qawali singer Amjad Sabri, died in a brutal and cold blooded murder just few kilometers away from his home in Laiquatabad, Karachi on June 22.

 This peaceful and  spiritual singer was spearing love, peace, tolerance and harmony through his Qawalis, a style of Muslim devotional music from sub-continent, shot six times while being targeted in his car with out any mercy.

The Sufi culture in Pakistan  is one of the richest and most beautiful in the world.Target killers may have silenced him  forever but  soulful qawalis sung by him will always remain in our hearts. No one can replace him.

His fans are paying tribute to him in their own ways.

Well known local artist, painter, illustrator and muralist S.M. Raza and philanthropist Aqib Faiz pay a humble homage to Sabri by painting his mural on a wall of Korongi No. 5.

In other words it is these young peep's courageous response to the extremist violence and terrorism.

Raza took three hours to complete this  beautiful mural in the extreme heat of Karachi.

It was Aqib's idea, as he is already involved in the Wall of Kindness project in Korangi, Karachi. He approached  Raza, who is famous for his art work and Mural.

Raza painted the one of the photographs of Sabri, where he is performing in Trafo, Budapest.

Organized by Aqib and painted by Raza_duo's next project is Abdul Satar Edhi.

Photo Courtesy: S.M Raza

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