Monday, May 1, 2017

Are we really there for each other even for a talk?

Reality is that "friend" is a big word. Neither everyone we meet can be our friends, nor we can be everyone's friend. Asking others for  such commitment or having that illusion is wrong at first place.  That is one of the reasons why even researches like this says: Our friends are not our friends. 

Forget friendships.

But are not we humans?

Do not we need each others?

Harvard's Grant and Glueck study of 75 years says  that the secrete of fulfilled life is having good relationships. They keep us happier.

By relationships, they mean relationship with other human fellow. Having a proper relationship is quite a work. It requires patience, kindness and generosity. Therefore, my question is: Are we here for each other other regardless that person is our friend or not even for a talk?

Everyone can't be lucky to have good relationship due to so many reasons. This does or shouldn't mean we left them alone. Reaching out to others can change ones life.

Actually, we have made closed groups. We have decide these so called people are our only people (read: friends), rest are others. Meeting new people and inviting them into the inner circle doesn't occur to us. Like, I said it's a work. No one have this much time for others. People have spread their-selves so thin that reaching out looks like  a hurdle. And who cares if someone is depressed, worried, broken, or having anxiety !

We are happy, our friends are happy. That's it. Why involve with others, and their lives?

This is actually a very cruel behavior.

Every day, I try to meet people. Listening them don't waste my time, My doors are open even if they are work. My personality is not group type either. Yes, few good friends are real, but as we grow, we meet new people, we need them more than they need us: For talk, for fun, for someone to help us. Old friends have made their place in our lives. New one will make their own. It is not a betray.

Like Christopher McCandless said, " Happiness is only real when shared."