Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mental illness is a real thing.

Aamir Zaki, a renowned  Pakistani guitarist, songwriter and composer died last Friday due to cardiac arrest at the age of 49. He was one of the finest artists of his time. A real musical genuine...very much misunderstood. An inspiration and mentor to many. He and his music was authentic and original, non commercialized. Not for everyone to understand.

May his soul find peace now.

Many of us don't know who Aamir Zakki was in real life because he never shared much. However, an article after his death, My last conversation with Aamir Zaki by Raffy Mehmood  in the Express Tribune is enough for us to tell that maestro was in  trouble. According to that write up, he was going through a lot: Physically, mentally and financially. In his own words, he said that he was bipolar and suffering from the depression. When writer asked him about seeking help, he replied:

"I am taking some very hard medication for depression and that has made my face swell. I am not doing hard drugs any more but I think I am growing weaker by the day. With or without drugs or medication, the end is pretty much the same.”

It seems that he was not much hopeful with his life. Like he said he was done. His mental and unstable financial condition was taking troll on him. And it would not be a recent thing. The demons must be there from so long. He pleaded the writer to not share this until the project is not materialized, or failed to materialized. His fear was that no one will sponsor him if his condition will be revealed.

"And you know why? Because admitting you have problems is problematic for this society. All I have to do is appear ‘alright’ and hide the darkness in my soul, and the sponsors will love me! It’s pro-business you know,” he says.

Mental illness is a real thing. It can finish you. Cherry on the top, we have been told to appear alright in front of others. Just be happy.

How cruel !

As long as it is not happening  to us, we believe in who cares? Whatever others are going through is none of our business. Listening to other people's problem is negativity, so better stay way from them and their problems. 

Only a person who is suffering from depression knows what it feels like. 

Yeah, good ! But it can come to you as well ! 

Reach out. 


Talk to others.

 Give them good advice if you can't help them financially. There are some people who don't have such supportive family and friend like majority have. And that is why they are lost. Troubled. It doesn't mean they should be left alone. We need to understand people. They have issues. It takes troll on their lives. They definitely are not able to reach out. It is our responsibility to say hello and ask how they are doing even if they go in islolation

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  1. having worked with chronically mentally for some time, i see so many different faces, many are very, very talented, but what goes on inside kills them. Thank you for sharing this peice