Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Age does matter in Bolllywood.

The Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji is back after four years break with her new movie ' Hikchi.' Once the queen of Bollywood is now married with a daughter. She is back to pavilion; winning hearts with her smile and acting. More refined and more skilled than before, she gave her best in her comeback film.

That is not it.

With this movie she also wants to change the perception of  married actresses in the Bollywood.  She talked about discrimination  married actress with children face in the industry and called them 'dead commodity' in an interview to Indian Express.

 ''Success this time meant a lot because there are basic prejudices that come with married actresses and those who are mothers. How we are a dead commodity. We don’t sell and that no one wants to see us. Then to actually have an audience that showers so much love on you and tells you, ‘We don’t care you are married or a mother. We just want to see you on screen.’ That validation matters a lot because as a professional, I am the same girl. 
She can exactly be the same girl she was in her 1997's block buster " Kuch Kuch hotta hai" but the reality is that she is 40 year old now. Like it or not age does matter in the Bollywood. 
It is all about story. Movies are mostly of love stories of youth where actress is just a love interest of hero who sings and dances. She is not more than 20 year old.  Things are changing but still Bollywood doesn't produce female oriented movies as much as it should; that is why when these actresses reach at certain age there is no role for them. Being married with kids gotta do nothing with this scenario. It is all about pulling the role of youth which is not that possible for the aged women. 
Hickhi is indeed a  good omen for all the actresses above 20.  

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